Thinking Out Loud

There’s no time like the present to start a new habit

Thinking Out Loud
If you look across the various folders in GDrive, the quickly abandoned note apps I have tried to use in recent months, and — my favorite — the dozens of emails I send to myself between my personal gmail and my account, you will find many reasonably written posts that have not seen the light of day.
I am frequently reminded of the value of sharing works in progress as a tool to create something even greater in the end. And yet, I resist doing so.
The funny thing is, I used to post things more frequently on the now defunct site, but that was mostly during college. In between adulting and trying to craft a “brand” online, I feel like I’ve become stale — and the attempts at manicuring have not truly been successful because it’s inauthentic (perhaps this is something to explore here at the new blog).
Well, there’s no time like the present to start a new habit. So tonight, I’m kicking off a new blog with a public commitment to publish at least once per day for the next calendar year.
What can we expect from these daily posts?
Great question. I think the following will be most prevalent but, naturally, this list is not all inclusive:
  • Introspection - mostly career/professional stuff, but probably some personal too
  • The journey of building Bootstrapital - I’ll be formally announcing the venture studio that I believe will be my life’s work soon
  • Programming tidbits - I’m self-taught as a developer, so perhaps I can be useful to someone googling certain topics the way other bloggers were for me
  • Tech & startups in general - I’ve had an interesting ride since I first became enamored with “tech” as an industry in the spring of 2009, and now I have strong opinions about things
    • See also: The Future of Venture
  • Cool products - I’m currently on a 28-day streak on Product Hunt (meaning I’ve upvoted something everyday during the period); It’s the one website I check out most mornings after email, even if I fail to do the day’s Wordle, so I may simply highlight interesting things when I have nothing better to talk about
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Chris Davis

Today, I am focused on increasing the surface area of founder success through my venture studio, Bootstrapital. Prior to this latest foray into entrepreneurship, I was a data guy at startups; before that, a supply chain/analyst/bizops guy at big companies.