Stumbling Out of the Gate

On getting back in the saddle

Stumbling Out of the Gate
I kicked things off on Sunday with a commitment to post every day. After Monday’s post, I failed to get to day 3.
But that’s ok. Sometimes we stumble out of the gate — what matters is that we get back in the saddle and try again. Instead of post-dating this and forthcoming posts to make it look like I adhered to the plan, I’ll let the publish date reflect reality.
And the reality is that I’m a “spiky” person.
That doesn’t, however, preclude me from continuing to try my hand at consistency. I think what matters in that case is the measurable outcome.
If the goal of writing every day for a year is to be able to have a record of the progress made over that time while also practicing a valuable skill, then the total number of posts works as a metric. If there are 365 or more posts on here by EOD August 7, 2023 then the experiment will be a success. It doesn’t matter if it meeting that mark requires mornings like today where I post four times.
The continuous practice will help me avoid the need for such surges in the future, though. Which, again, is a mark of success.
All that said, I am pleased to report that my Product Hunt streak is still in tact.
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Today, I am focused on increasing the surface area of founder success through my venture studio, Bootstrapital. Prior to this latest foray into entrepreneurship, I was a data guy at startups; before that, a supply chain/analyst/bizops guy at big companies.