Blog WIP

A running list of ideas for the blog

Blog WIP

Whims In Progress

I’m going to keep a running list of little things I want to do here to enhance my experience writing the blog, and increase the value received by you, the reader.

Potential Topics

Constraints; necessity as the mother of invention
Pricing as the first step of product development

Will Probably Do

Proper “About” page w/ bio and beautiful headshot
Dashboard: Use the RSS feed to generate a progress chart and post heatmap
Figure out a scheme for tags
Dashboard: Weekly word count chart

Could Be Fun

Email to Notion API to create posts
Easy way to add sketches to blog (maybe need an ipad?)
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Chris Davis

Today, I am focused on increasing the surface area of founder success through my venture studio, Bootstrapital. Prior to this latest foray into entrepreneurship, I was a data guy at startups; before that, a supply chain/analyst/bizops guy at big companies.